Features of the resin mosaic

  • made in Italy
  • 100% customisable: any digital image can be converted into a mosaic – you can choose the image, the shape of the tesserae and the space between the tiles
  • very thin – just 2/3 mm thick
  • very light – just 1.2 kg per square meter
  • UV resistant – it can be also used outside keeping the colours bright and intense since they are protected by the resin
  • waterproof – full reliability of the materials under any weather conditions
  • nontoxic – ideal for any food spaces
  • flexible enough to be applied to curved, concave, convex and irregular surfaces
  • backlit – it can be translucent
  • easy to install – the application technique is identical to ceramic and glass mosaics (alternatively, it can be simply installed to the surface to be coated as the product can be also self-adhesive)
  • easy to apply to any surfaces (i.e., walls, ceilings, pieces of furniture, doors, pieces of kitchen furniture, mirrors, tiles, wooden panels, MDF boards and many other supports)
  • 4-6 weeks delivery time

Graphic resin mosaic is extremely versatile. It can be used to:

  • decorate indoor and outdoor walls of private and public spaces
  • bathroom walls, spas, swimming pools, kitchens
  • decorate table tops, chairs and other furniture items
  • decorate ceilings
  • create headboard designs
  • decorate mirrors and windows
  • tile kitchen splash backs
  • create special lighting effects

Graphic resin mosaic can also be printed on either matte or mirrored golden and silver surfaces, as well as on transparent and fluorescent supports. Resin is glossy by nature, but the product can also be provided with a matte finish.
Graphic can convert works of art into amazing decorative walls. Their graphic designers can work on both vector files and digitalized paintings, reproducing images faithfully and obtaining top-quality artworks.


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