Whether you want a kitchen or Shower splashback, bathroom feature wall or outdoor entertaining area feature wall, you will need to decide on the image theme or style.

Preferred websites




When searching for images you will need to be specific to the design (flowers) colour (purple, black, white) orientation (landscape, portrait, panoramic). If you are not specific to your search you will have endless hours searching for your desired image.

We cannot pick or choose an image or design for you, this is totally up to you and your desired look for your home or office.

Image Size

The size of your image or design is something else to take into consideration. A printed image is always going to be a major feature to any room.

Therefore, deciding on whether you want something bold and heavy or something more dainty and divine is important.

Lower quality (lower resolution) images may look fine on screen or even when printed to A3 size, but when enlarged to your required splashback size, sometimes up to 3 meters in length, they may be prone to issues such as pixilation and blurry appearance.

The required size for high resolution images is 300DPI and minimum 5MB and upwards. Downloading an image and enlarging to 250 – 300% on your PC will give you a general idea if the image is of high resolution. If the image is pixilated at this percentage then the image will not be of high resolution to use. 

Can I use images from Google?

Google images are not high resolution enough to print and are normally around 72DPI and the required is 300DPI.

Due to copyright laws we are unable to print images from any Google site. If you request an image from a Google site the answer will be NO! We can help you look for an image similar from one of the mentioned sites.

Can I use an image from my mobile phone or IPad?

Images from mobile phones & IPads will not be considered as the images are around 92DPI and the required is 300DPI.

Image Orientation

To ensure there is no loss of visual impact of your image, you must select an image with a similar height and width ratio to that of your splashback or wall panel.

Using an image of the wrong orientation (see example below) will ultimately mean the picture depth is reduced and the resolution is cut down.

To fit an area that is twice as wide as it is high, your image will need to have a width and height aspect ratio of 2 to 1. If the image you have selected is square, but the area you are trying to cover is tall and thin, you may not be able to make the image fit. The image may need to be cropped to ensure the correct aspect ratio.




File Submission

Once you have chosen your image please DO NOT purchase these images until we have advised if the image will work. You can email the link or attach the image to our email address sales@graphicglassservices.com.au. Once we receive this information and along with the panel sizes you wish to use we will then advise if the image will work for your project. Images that have not been purchased as yet will be of low resolution but will give you an idea and look of the image.

We do not provide any mock-up of images until a quote has been accepted and a site measure carried out.

Can I have alterations to the image?

Yes, sometimes you can have small changes to the image at no extra cost but if you require more intricate changes such as lightening, darkening, colour changes or a specific designs etc this will incur Graphic Artist fees and will be quoted at time of quoting.

Our final quote allows for purchase of image from one of the websites mentioned above but if you require an image from a specific photographer or another website this will be a cost to yourself to purchase this image and the image will need to be a print ready file such as EPS, PDF, Tiff and to the panel size require.

Once the acceptance of the quote and then site measure carried out we will work with you to mock up the desired image to the panel sizes and provide a final mock up for approval.

The final mock up images can sometimes be too large to email so the preferred email carrier is WeTransfer and you can view your image from this site.

We do not rush our process of digital printed splashbacks as we take pride in our printing and with all due care to have the image to the best quality. Please allow at least 15 working days from site measure signing of contract and deposit payment for installation. If there is any delay with our glass supplier or any other issue you will be kept up to date at all times. We do our best to have the panels installed early as possible but sometimes issues arise out of our control.

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