Thanks to the non-woven fabric back, Gemanco Design wallpapers can be installed easily with specific glue used for wallpapers (for non-woven fabric back or non-textured) and removed simply with no wall damage.

The printed material can be washed with a soft sponge, hot water and delicate soap.

The printed graphics are scratch and abrasion-resistant. These features have been tested and the results have yielded the highest standards among all types of wallpapers.

Gemanco Design recommends Henkel glue for wallpaper with nonwoven fabric back. The glue is generally available in DIY stores.

Gemanco Design wallpapers come in excess 5 cm both in length and width. After applying the adhesive to the wall, the paper strips can be placed on it. The strips should be applied from left to right, from top to bottom so that the excess 5 cm in length and width is stuck to the right and to the bottom of the wall.

The strips are numbered and organised following an installation chart (a specific pattern for each project).

The panels can be maximum 106 cm wide and 50 cm high.

Technical information and installation chart

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