Wallpaper Water Proof System

No more fear of water.

Gemanco Design is constantly looking for new solutions to improve interior design. From this year, in fact, new WPS – WaterProof System products will enter the market to waterproof walls covered with wallpaper, by combining into a single system, waterproofing and decorative coatings.

WPS – WaterProof System products are specific for personalizing and waterproofing wet environments such as toilets, wellness centres, spas, gyms, showers, baths, and for this reason, highly indicated for external coatings.

Unlike others wall finishing products; Gemanco WPS products are not only waterproof but also decorative: the product doesn’t change the wallpaper texture chosen, but enhances the features of the range. You can choose between the gloss and matt finish.

Gemanco WPS products are transparent and fibre-reinforced. They can be set, once the wallpaper has been placed and after the adhesive has dried. The surface is resistant to all cleaning products, scratches, abrasions and yellowing.

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