Stainless Steel Security Screens

Our innovative design and superior strength is unsurpassed in the market. We are committed to using only the finest materials, combined with the use of advanced bonding technology, making both SecureView Eclipx and Xceed the smarter choices for commercial and residential applications alike.

Products we offer:

  • Hinged & Sliding Doors
  • Kids Fallsafe Screens
  • Casement & Awning Window
  • Fire & Emergency Escapes
  • Pet Screens
  • Colonial Design Styles

The Australian Standards stipulate a range of scientific tests that a security product must pass in order to remain in this class. Both SecureView Eclipx and Xceed consistently surpass these standards.

    • Knife Sheer Test (AS5039 – 2008)
    • Impact Test (AS5039 – 2008)
    • Anti-Jemmy Test (AS5039 – 2008)
    • Pull Test (AS5039 – 2008)
    • 10,000 Hour Salt Spray Tests – (AAMA 2605.05 Section 7.8.2)
    • Cyclone Screen Test – (2010: AS/NZS1170.2)
    • Aluminium Frame Tests – (AS/NZS1866:1997 & AS3715 –20020) 60603

T5 powder coated to a minimum thickness of 60um

      • Stainless Mesh Tests – (AS3715-2002, AAMA2603 05,AAMA2605.05AS2331/ISO2360, ASTM D2794, AS3715, ISO1519, JIS Z2241, ASTM E1086)

34 Standard Powdercoated Colours available

Choosing the right security screen for your requirements is essential.

Whichever CommandeX security screen product you choose, you can be confident it is custom crafted by expert technicians to suit your individual home, office or building requirements.

CommandeX offer a complete range of screening solutions from our top of the range SecureView Eclipx stainless steel security screens, through to our economical Xceed perforated aluminium screens, which is a superior alternative to the dated Diamond Grille.

SecureView Eclipx security mesh is made from the finest 316 marine grade stainless steel, expertly woven in state of- the-art facilities. Superior to its 304 steel counterpart,

SecureView Eclipx is selected for its superb strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. SecureView Eclipx is perfect for the Australian conditions as it is more resistant than the 304 to harsh salty environments. Considering 80% of Australians live near the coast, this is a practical choice. SecureView Eclipx allows you to secure your home without losing the luxury of openness.

Product Features and Benefits

      • Security door tested to Australian Standards AS5039-2008
      • Enjoy clear unobstructed views
      • Maximum strength and durability
      • High tensile T316 marine grade stainless steel
      • Modern innovation
      • Unique patented pressure assembly process (20082020835)
      • Corrosion resistant
      • 11 year warranty
      • Available in a range of frame colours
      • Standard hardware included
      • Standard 3 point locking mechanism

Xceed perforated aluminium screens are a modern replacement for dated Diamond Grilles and a less expensive alternative to the premium woven stainless steel mesh.

Xceed is built to last. The perforated aluminium panels are extremely durable, corrosion resistant and energy smart. The screens act as a sunshade for your windows by reducing the heat loading of the hot summer sun.

Product Features and Benefits

      • Security door tested to Australian Standards AS5039-2008
      • See through screen doesn’t block view
      • Superior structural grade aluminium alloy mesh
      • 7 year warranty
      • Reduce heat and glare
      • Unique patented pressure assembly process
      • Corrosion resistant
      • Available in a range of frame colours
      • Standard hardware included
      • Optional 3 point locking mechanism
      • Superior alternative to out-dated grille

Choosing either SecureView Eclipx or Xceed screens, our innovative design makes it versatile and functional in a range of environments including:

      • Hinged and sliding doors
      • Windows
      • Casement, awning and double hung windows
      • Fire and emergency exits
      • Outdoor room extensions
      • Pet doors
      • Shop fronts
      • Cyclone screens

Whether you are seeking secure screening solutions for residential or commercial applications, get an integrated solution from your local CommandeX expert who understands your needs.

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